While the number of gray hairs and bald patches I possess may not put me in a very good position to speak about the current world scenario by virtue of my limited experiences but by the greatest stroke of luck, I have the pleasure of the company of someone who I never deserved, who has […]



Nothing made me feel the necessity of writing this post like the realization that Drive is a largely misinterpreted film. Many have considered it’s final act as an egoistic exercise in onanism by the protagonist, many even consider him to be a cold, distant psychopathic individual but I beg to greatly differ.Hence,  I would be […]



The real reason why I had been addicted to films has been hopefully made amply clear by now from my previous posts. For the same reasons, even the choice of films which I watched were considerably weird. Movies like Hotel Rwanda, Saving Private Ryan, Spotlight, The Green Mile, All The President’s Men will not exactly […]



So, it has been a tough few days in my life. I had my terms and so could not update my page as promised. Anyway, I really doubt whether it was worth it because exams meant that I stayed up doing whatever it is I usually do, only with added guilt of not studying. However, […]



In my notifications today popped up a message informing me that I had completed a year on WordPress. Rousing me from my perpetual slumber,it set off a flurry of thoughts in my mind,a chain of ideas which i am not going to elucidate right now(perhaps later) to save you the trouble of sitting through it all(and more importantly to hide the contorted messy state in which my mind finds itself this morning). The facts run something like this(just the bare essentials which should also serve as an introduction as this is my first post).

I consume novels like a glutton and also love to write but I prefer to do it all on paper. I do not have much affinity for digital content.This mindset however needs to rapidly change now with blogs offering us a chance to share things which matter to us with perfectly unknown people in strange distant lands. With this in mind, I decided to take baby steps into the world of digital reading and writing by starting a blog. And though I kept on writing in my books, I never found the time or will power to sit and type it all out until the morning incident which I have already referred to spurred me on to do the same.

And so, thus it has come to be that I post this poem from the brown-tinted pages of my notebook which has been gathering dust, long forgotten, for so many years.This was written a long while ago but i could not think of a better way to start my foray into the digital world. It is based on the age old adage about why we as individuals must write as long as blood flows through our veins…

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Updated log from Starship USS Enterprise:

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Date:February 2


Before you frown that I cheated you guys out of a poem,

fourth wall

[So I managed to get into a time capsule that has led me to this very moment: Speaking with you today, from the year 2019 on a post dated 2016]

Yes, this was supposed to be my first blog post. Sincere followers knew a poem lived in this space but things change and often, for the better. Your author fought through some very tough years from March 2015- July 2018 and this very wall was among the multiple weapons he used to face those troubles, with a cheerful face.

Looking back from a position of relative peace, I am incredibly proud of myself for facing insurmountable odds and without much external help. Contrary to what people may say, it is indeed a lonely journey but the lessons learned shall arm you for a better life. So, keep going, especially if nobody understands!

For all those readers who are still hanging around in the hopes of reading a poem, if you had paid even a little attention to the cover image of the blog itself (please learn to notice the little things around you), you would realise that the blog has been archived. And so, has this post.

[Obviously, you just read the above sentence and yet, did not bother to see the cover image. People like you truly contributed in making the author who he is today. While in his younger days, the author would probably have been mildly disappointed with your callousness, today, he thanks you from the bottom of his heart for everything you taught him. Anyway, here it is, for you guys again:]


With the Almighty’s grace, the author has moved on to greener pastures and he still maintains this blog in memory of the times when he lost everything and ultimately, regained that which mattered. It reminds him that the tunnel does end and even now; in some inevitable moments that all life forms must face, the author checks in here to meditate.

Only posts related to those dark days, when he was cornered by people and yet, ultimately managed to break the shackles, still reside in this abode. For other works by the author, contact your nearest bookstore.